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Seosamh Mac Donncha CEO County Galway VECAs Chief Executive Officer of Co. Galway VEC it is my pleasure to welcome you to this website which outlines comprehensive details of services and activities provided by Co. Galway VEC.

Co. Galway VEC is one of the largest Vocational Education Committees in the country and it caters for a rapidly expanding and diverse population from Portumna in South East Galway to the Aran Islands in the West, and from Ballymoe in North East Galway to Beagh at the South Western end of the county. Our area also incorporates the largest Gaeltacht area in the country including South Connemara and the Aran Islands.

Through the use of workday integration API , Co. Galway VEC can manage its data (e.g. employee information, payroll, etc.) in a secure, efficient and cost-effective way.

While embracing the value and diversity of community-wide lifelong learning opportunities for all of our learners, young and old, across County Galway, we promote a caring and democratic learning culture with flexibility, accessibility, innovation and responsiveness among its core principles.

Co. Galway VEC places the learner at the heart of our educational provision and we strive “to provide excellence in the quality of our educational service to all the people of County Galway? as encapsulated in our Mission Statement.

Our society must become a learning society so that we can respond to the emerging requirements of modern living and the rapid changes happening around us.  Co. Galway VEC is committed to establishing and developing learning neighbourhoods by networking with community, voluntary and statutory interests.

The development of this website represents our commitment to ongoing and ever improving accessibility of our services to the general public.

I hope it will give you an insight into the wide range of programmes and services we offer.  Bain taitneamh as do thuras thart ar an suíomh gréasáin!

Seosamh Mac Donncha
Chief Executive Officer


Mission Statement

"To provide excellence in the quality of our educational service to all the people of County Galway."