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Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry
Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry Students

 Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry Classroom
Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry Classroom

Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry
Coláiste an Eachréidh students in Kildare

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Brian Ó Maoilchiaráin

Coláiste an Eachréidh
Baile ?tha an Rí
Co. na Gaillimhe








Brief History / Background

Coláiste an Eachréidh was founded in August 2006. It is an all-Irish post-primary school under the auspices of County Galway Vocational Education Committee. It is a co-educational, multi denominational school in which Irish is the language of communication and all subjects are taught through the medium of Irish. Centrally situated in Athenry, Coláiste an Eachréidh serves a catchment which extends from Tuam to Ballinasloe, Oranmore to Loughrea and South to Gort.
Enrolling in Coláiste an Eachréidh is a natural progression for students who have attended All-Irish primary schools. However, students from all primary schools are welcome subject to having a satisfactory level of Irish. Indeed, a third of all students enrolled in All Irish post-primary schools had not previously attended All-Irish primary schools.
Colaiste an Eachréidh is the first school of its kind to be established, not only in County Galway (outside Galway city) but in Connacht.

Advantages of All-Irish Education

Ireland like many other countries is bilingual and our Irish language forms the basis of our unique culture. More than half the world’s population speaks more than one language. Educationalists believe that a bilingual education can give children positive advantages. It helps develop mental agility and alertness. It provides the individual with two windows through which to look at the world;

  1. Fluency in student’s own native language.
  2. Cognitive intellectual advantage.
  3. The student learns a third language with ease.
  4. Self-esteem of the student is enhanced.
  5. Excellent academic standards.

Unique community spirit connecting students to one another, developing a sense of self-respect.

Camógaiocht, Coláiste an Eachréidh     Cispheil     Foireann Marcaíochta

                Camógaiocht                                        Cispheil                                         Foireann Marcaíochta

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Board of Management

Tomás Breathnach, Timire Gaeilge;   
Tomás Ó Nidh, Muighros, Cárna, Co. na Gaillimhe (Ball an Choiste);  
Seán Mac Lochlainn, Timire d’Oideachais Aosach.
Seán Ó Foighil, Indreabhán, Gaillimhe.



Personnel / School Staff

Principal: Brian Ó Maoilchiaráin  

Siún Ní Mhaolbhraonáin
Aifric Ní Riagáin
Bláthnaid Ní Mhurchú

Marie Uí Dhufaigh
Gearóidín de Búrca
Gearóid Ó Tuathail


Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry
Coláiste an Eachréidh Students
Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry
Coláiste an Eachréidh Cup
Coláiste an Eachréidh Athenry
Coláiste an Eachréidh Mixed Students


Subjects on Offer

Junior Level

Business or Metalwork
Home Economics or Woodwork
Technical Drawing or Art
Music from September 2007

Non-Exam Subjects

Resource Classes
Religious Instruction
Computer Studies

Extra Curricular Activities

Gael Linn

Leadóg Bhoird      RDS 2008      Saotharlann - Science Lab

                Leadóg Bhoird                                         RDS 2008                             Saotharlann - Science Laboratory

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  1. General classrooms are equipped with white boards, overhead projectors, multimedia data projectors, televisions, DVD players, CD and tape recorders.
  2. Computer networked stations in each classroom.
  3. Broadband access to the internet.
  4. Laser printers, scanner, digital camera and digital camcorder.
  5. Use of nearby woodwork room, metalwork room, Home Economics room and Science Laboratory.
  6. Each student has his/her own personal locker.
  7. Recreational room with table tennis and board games.
  8. Basketball area and the use of nearby playing fields.
  9. Use of local handball / squash court.

Coláiste an Eachréidh also boasts an "Interactive White Board" which uses a multi sensory approach to teaching. The board provides more opportunities for interaction and discussion. Teaching time is increased and revision is facilitated through more varied and dynamic use of resources.



Enrolment Numbers

2006-2007: 9 Students
24 Students

2008-2009: 51 Students


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Turas go dtí Ceapach na gCapall       Cross Country       Turas Scoile
  Turas go dtí Ceapach na gCapall                        Cross Country                                     Turas Scoile

Sporting Successes

                 Winners of the County Galway schools first year girls table tennis competition are pictured above with Terry Dolan (County Coordinator), congratulations to Dara, Aoife, Orla, Sinéad , Cáit and Donagh.              The boys team were beaten in the semi-final and are seen here with Terry Dolan, Aaron, Darren, Eoin, Criostóir, Kyle and Cian.

Photo No.1 Above

Winners of the County Galway schools first year girls table tennis competition are pictured above with Terry Dolan (County Coordinator), congratulations to Dara, Aoife, Orla, Sinéad , Cáit and Donagh.

Photo No.2 Above

The boys team were beaten in the semi-final and are seen here with Terry Dolan, Aaron, Darren, Eoin, Criostóir, Kyle and Cian.


Student Achievements



Recent News

             Ceilúradh Duais 1          Ceilúradh Duais 2 221208

Photo No.1 Above

Buíochas le Siobhán agus Paul Lawless of Athenry Foods who kindly sponsored a Christmas hamper, comhghairdeas
le Sinéad De Breit—the lucky winner being presented with first prize by Siobhán Lawless (Athenry Foods/The Palour)
sa bpictiúr freisin tá Brian agus Lorainne Bn Uí Choisteabhla (cathaoirleach) Coiste na dTuistmitheoirí. A special thanks to
all the parents who contributed prizes and treats for Cóisir na Nollag and most especially to Coiste na dTuistmitheoirí for

their efforts and co-operation in organising a most enjoyable afternoon at the Coláiste. Buíochas freisin to all the students

who sold raffle tickets and collected €485, the best-seller prize was presented to Gearóid Ó Mainnín (2) who collected €48.

Photo No.2 Above

Róisín collecting her raffle prize–Cáca Nollag–generously baked and donated by Anne Flanagan-Kelly.

Saotharlann 241108 001     Ceilúradh Gaisce 221208    Ceilúradh Gaisce 221208

Saotharlann Eolaíochta

Bliain 1 in the Coláiste’s newly-opened,                            Barra agus Orla ag seinm ag an gcóisir

fully equipped science laboratory.

Ceilúradh Gaisce 221208   Ceilúradh Gaisce  Ceilúradh Gaisce 221208

Bailiúcháin St. Vincent De Paul
Múinteoir Bláthnaid agus roinnt de na                          Múinteoir Niamh, Aoife, Julienne agus Seán

daltaí a d’eagraigh bailiúcháin carthanach.


Ceolchoirm na Nollag

Ceilúradh Gaisce 221208   Ceilúradh Gaisce   Ceilúradh Gaisce

Cian, Julienne, Aoife agus Orla                                  Maitiú                                             Gearóid

Ceilúradh Gaisce 221208   Ceilúradh Gaisce

                  Ciarán                                              Orlaith

Ceiliúradh Gaisce/Awards 2008

LABHAIRT NA GAEILGE                            TINREAMH

Ceilúradh Gaisce        Ceilúradh Tinreach 221208      Ceilúradh Tin 2 + 3 221208

Photo No. 1 Above
Aoife Nic Cába, Niamh Ní Ghoill agus Darren Ó Baoill receiving their certificates for Labhairt na Gaeilge (also in the picture are Brian, Lorraine Uí Choisteabhla - (cathaoirleach Choiste na dtuismitheoirí) and Tomas Breathnach – (cathaoirleach Bord Bainistíochta an Choláiste)

Photo No. 2 & 3 Above

TINREAMH - 100% Attendance
Bliain 3 students Róisín Ní Fhlatharta, Niamh Ní Ghoill and Ciara Ní Chuinn who attended school every day since the beginning of term (missing from the picture is Peadar Ó hAirmhí). Also being recognised for their perfect attendance are Orla Nic Cába (Bliain 1),Julienne Ní Mhathúna(2) Emer Ní Fhlatharta (1) and Maitiú Ó Cearúil (1). In all 8 pupils did not miss a day while 12 others recorded only 1 absence, it reflects very well on the students, their families and the Coláiste that 40% of the pupils missed only 1 day or less during first term. Students are encouraged to continue to attend every day –including half-days and end-of-term days. The Coláiste had 96% attendance on the last day of first term, well done to all!!


Ceilúradh Obair                    Ceanntaireacht

Photo No.1 Above

OBAIR SCOILE                                                         

For their commitment and diligence to their studies—Oisín Mac Fhionnlaoich (2), ?ine-Máire Ní Choisteabhla (3) and Criostóir Ó Floinn (1) were presented with their certificates and vouchers.


Photo No.2 Above

Fiona Ní Chuinn (3), Seán Pokall (2) and Dara Nic Conmara (1) whose certificates recognise and acknowledge their leadership qualities and positive influence in the Coláiste.




Mission Statement



Admissions Policy

Application Procedures

  • Completion of a registration form - available from the Principal.
  • The student must be 12 years of age on the 1st January of the year they are due to go into first year.

Essential Information to be provided by the Parents

  • Name, age, date of birth and address of student.
  • Name(s), address and telephone number of parent(s) / guardian(s).
  • A telephone number in case of emergency.
  • Any relevant health information.
  • Information regarding any disadvantage/disability or special need of the student.
  • Religious belief of the student.
  • The student’s previous school (if relevant).
  • Reasons for leaving previous school (if relevant).
  • Any other relevant information.

Special Educational Needs:

  • Every effort will be made to recognise a student’s special educational needs and research these special needs, as soon as is practicable.
  • A copy of the student’s medical report / psychological evaluation will be sought.
  • A copy of the student’s educational history will be sought (if one is available).
  • An independent professional evaluation will be sought.
  • Every possible effort will be made to recognise and attend to the student’s needs.
  • The Board of Management expresses that admission will be permitted for students with special needs if the Department of Education and Science provides the resources to facilitate those special needs. Otherwise the application will be postponed until suitable resources are provided.

Determining Factors
The Board of Management will determine registration according to school policy, the Education Act 1998, the Education Welfare Act 2000, the Equality Act 2000 and the Special Needs act 2004. The Board will express their opinions to parents about registration within 21 days of the last date for registration, or within 21 days of receiving relevant information in accordance with that which has been laid down by the Board, the Minister for Education and Science and with the Education Welfare Act 2000.
Moreover, the Board would like to clarify that the student’s behaviour is conducive with the school’s mission statement, Code of Behaviour and Ethos.

Criteria for Admission

  • Students coming from primary schools that are within the school’s catchment area.
  • Students from All-Irish speaking schools.
  • Students with an acceptable standard of Irish and a positive attitude towards the language.

Moving from other schools
Before any application is considered, the following points are taken into account.

  • Compliance with the school’s admission policy.
  • That the school is satisfied with the reasons for leaving. Hence, information from the student’s previous school will be procured i.e. attendance, educational progress, subject choice, term reports, special needs, psychological evaluation (if relevant), reasons for moving, cooperation with teachers etc., in accordance with paragraph 20 of the Education Welfare Act 2000.
  • The application cannot be fully considered until the above mentioned reports are received by the school.
  • The Board of Management must be satisfied that the move will be beneficial to the student.
  • Capacity of the school.
  • Consultation with teaching staff.
  • Consultation with the Educational Welfare Officer, if applicable.

The Board of Management has the right to refuse an application if it is felt that:

  • The student’s standard of Irish is not adequate for the educational medium.
  • A move would impede the furthering of their education.
  • The student would have an adverse effect on the order and discipline of the school.
  • That the student would have an adverse effect on the progress of students already in the school.
  • That the move would be adverse to the health and safety of the students already in the school.
  • Exceptional circumstances prevail.

Right to Appeal

The Board conveys to parents that if admission is refused to a student, they have the right to appeal under paragraph 29 of the Education Act. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that every student who makes an application is treated equally and fairly in accordance with the Education Act, the Education Welfare Act and the School’s own policies.


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School Discipline Code

Link to mission and aims
Coláiste an Eachréidh endeavours to create a safe secure environment for staff and students in which education, through the medium of Irish, will be provided, focusing on the students’ academic, social and cultural development. The students’ uniqueness and individuality will be recognised and nurtured so that they become respectful, balanced and valuable members of society.

Responsibilities towards Staff
To provide a safe, clean and well-resourced physical environment in which all can work in a supportive, motivation, caring community – in an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and equality with the opportunity for development with appropriate communication systems.

Responsibilities towards Students
To provide, in a safe and stimulating environment, the means by which our students can be motivated to reach their full potential.

Responsibility towards the Community
Coláiste an Eachréidh has a responsibility to identify the needs and expectations of the local community and to provide a focal point for educational and related programmes of the highest standard, for both the local and the wider community.

Responsibility towards the V.E.C.
To discharge our duties professionally in accordance with our contracts and to represent the needs of the staff to the V.E.C. on an on-going basis, allowing for the changing needs.



Code of Behaviour / Discipline Code




Homework Policy




School Calendar:


Planning Day Monday 25th August 2008
Schools Opens Tuesday 26th August: 1st Years
  Wednesday 27th August: 2nd & 3rd Years
Planning Day Friday 26th September
October 2008 mid-term 24th October to 3rd November 2008
Parent Meeting 3rd Years: 4.15pm - 6.45pm
Staff Meeting Monday 8th December
Christmas Holidays 2008 23rd December - 7th January 2009
Staff Meeting 19th January 2009: 1.30pm - 4.00pm
Parent Meeting 1st & 2nd Years: 4.15pm - 6.45pm
February 2009 mid-term 13th February - 23rd February 2009
St Patrick's Day 16th & 17th March: Closed
Easter Holidays 3rd - 20th April
Bank Holiday 4th May
Planning Day 19th May
Summer Holidays 29th May 2009


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Colaiste an Eachréidh provides the textbooks which are then rented to the students for a third of the purchase price. Where possible, duplicate sets of textbooks are purchased to lighten school bags.



Uniform Description

Blue School Jumper
Navy Trousers (pinstripe for girls)
White School Polo Shirt
Neat Footwear

Available from National Schoolwear Centre Tel: (091) 755515


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