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Bríd Uí Dhonncha

Coláiste Ghobnait,
Inis Oírr,
Oileáin ?rann
Co. na Gaillimhe








       Christmas Play 2007      Playing Football   

                             Christmas Play 2007                                                             Playing Football

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Personnel / School Staff

Principal: Bríd Uí Dhonncha Deputy Principal:  



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PLC Options

There are no PLC options at the moment.

     Blitz Peile     Blitz Peile

                                  Ladies Football                                                             Ladies Football


Sporting Successes



Student Achievements

     Some Art work by students attending Coláiste Ghobnait, Inis Oírr

     Laidhrean Trá     Lifeboat

                                  "Laidhrean Trá"                                                               "Lifeboat"


          Teachín Ceann Tuí
                                     "Horse"                                                                  "Teachín Ceann Tuí"

      Penguins   Cow
                       "Cat"                                                "Penguins"                                              "Cow"

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Mission Statement



Admissions Policy



Code of Behaviour / Discipline Code



Homework Policy



School Calendar:


School Opens 25 August 2008
Staff Meeting 3 September 2008 (1.20 - 4.00pm.)
October 2008 mid-term School closed: 27th October to 31st October 2008 inclusive
Parent-Teacher Meeting 10 November 2008; 1st, 3rd & 5th Years
Blitz Peile 12 November 2008
Church Holiday 8 December 2008
Christmas Exams 15 - 19 December 2008
Christmas Drama 22 December 2008
Christmas 2008 School will close 23 December 2008 and will re-open on 7th January 2009
Parent-Teacher Meeting 26 January 2009; 1st, 2nd & 4th Years
February 2009 mid-term School closed: Monday 16th - Friday 20th February2009 inclusive.
Lá na Gaeilge 16th March 2009
St Patrick's Day 17th March 2009. School closed.
Easter 2009 School will close on Friday 3rd April 2009 which will be the final day of the school term. School will re-open on Monday 20th April 2009.
Parent-Teacher Meeting 27 April 2009; 3rd & 5th Years
Bank Holiday 4 May 2009
Leaving & Junior Certificates Commences on Wednesday 3rd June 2009


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Uniform Description



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