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V.T.O.S. Further Education Centre
Co. Galway

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VTOS Letterfrack started in January 2002. The centre is located in the village of Letterfrack which has a population of 200 people. The centre is located above Letterfrack Hardware in the centre of the village. There are two classrooms, a computer room with 14 computer work stations and a fully equipped art room. The centre has a large foyer area which also caters for individual and group work. There is a fully equipped kitchen area where students can make their lunch with tea and coffee facilities. In January 2002 VTOS started with 12 students. Today, the centre has twenty full-time students and approximately fifty part-time students. In January 2003 the part-time BTEI programme commenced in the centre.



  • Business Studies Certificate BBSXX – Full-Time
    The Business Studies certificate covers a wide range of general studies modules that will equip students to work in any field of business.  The course is classroom based covering a wide range of modules from business, maths, computers and communications.  No previous work experience is required to join this course, just a genuine interest in working in this area. 
  • Computer Aided Design ACADX - Full-Time
    The Computer Aided Design certificate covers a wide range of modules that will equip students to work in the area of design. The course is classroom based covering a wide range of modules from architectural drawing, CAD and desktop publishing. No previous work experience or skills are required to join this course, just a genuine interest in working in this area.


Part-time Options available at the Further Education Centre, Letterfrack and Clifden

  • Childcare – One day and one evening per week (Letterfrack)
  • Art & Design – Two days per week (Letterfrack & Clifden)
  • Aquaculture – One evening per week (Letterfrack)
  • Basic Computers – One morning or one afternoon per week (Letterfrack & Clifden)
  • ECDL – Morning or evening (Letterfrack & Clifden)


Annual Open Day

The Further Education Centre, Letterfrack hosts an annual Open Day in September each year. This Open Day invites the public to come to the centre and speak with tutors and students about the activities of the centre. The centre also enrols students on this day for both the Letterfrack and Clifden centres.


Annual Newsletter

Each year the students of the Desktop Publishing class produce the annual newsletter for the centre. This involves designing the production, writing articles, researching production costs and distribution. It is always an excellent project and a useful advertising tool for the centre.


Annual Graduation Ceremony

Each year the centre hosts the annual graduation ceremony for successful students from the previous academic year. This event normally takes place every February and is represented by members of the Co. Galway VEC, FETAC, BIM and other organisations that are involved in the overall running of the centre.


Target Group / Eligibility:

  • Target Group:  Unemployed adults over 21 years who are in receipt of social welfare payment for more than 6 months.
  • Payments equal to your Social Welfare benefits plus €31.80 allowance if more than 312 days on Unemployment Assistance, Unemployment Benefit, Disability Benefit Allowance or one Parent Allowance.


How much does it Cost?

The VTOS courses are free as they are provided by County Galway VEC on behalf of the Department of Education & Science.


Resources & Expertise Available:

  • Resources & Expertise Available: Up-to-date computer facilities, classrooms.
  • Highly qualified teaching staff, including qualified literacy tutors.
  • Guidance counsellor available to all.

Self-financing classes are run on a demand basis
Programmes are assessed by FETAC (Levels 3-5), E.C.D.L., & City & Guilds
The Centre is linked to Co Galway V.E.C. Adult Literacy Service


Times / months available:

9.30-4.00 (Mon-Fri), Sept-June (inclusive)


Please note:
Any other group (i.e. the general public) that expresses an interest in classes will be facilitated in alternative programmes.


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