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Return to Learning (Co. Council) - West Galway Gort

  Return to Learning (Co. Council) East and West Galway
Contact: Aingeal Ní Chualain Phone:  
  Return to Education (Fás) Co-Ordinator Fax:  
Address: Gort,
Co. Galway


Overview of Service / Programmes & Certification Offered:

A joint project between Galway County Council and Co. Galway V.E.C. the Return to Education (Fás) Programme aims to give County Council Scheme Workers an opportunity to attend a workplace basic skills Course. The course will be designed to meet the needs of the participants, to increase self confidence of the participants and to provide a learning environment, where learners choose what they want to learn, at their own pace.


Outline of Course Contents

Reading for enjoyment, information and instructions.
Writing - Developing and enhancing writing skills.
Spelling – Spelling rules and Memory aids.
Numeracy – Timetables, Calculator use and Budgeting.

Letter writing, both formal and informal, note taking, recording phone messages, form filling, map reading and verbal communication skills

Basic computer skills, understanding computer technology
Keyboard skills, Basic Word processing, Spread sheets, Internet and Email

Personal development:
Self Awareness, Decision making, Assertiveness
Conflict resolution skills

There will be an opportunity for any willing participants to receive certification if they so wish. However it is not compulsory to do so.


Enrolment and registration:

  • Undertake an initial identification of learning needs and wants of participants.
  • Agree on learning objectives with each of the participants.
  • Agree venues and times.


Target Group:

County Council Scheme Workers


Times available:

Courses are arranged to suit participants.


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