Adult Literacy Schemes

  Adult Literacy Schemes throughout County Galway

What is a Literacy Scheme?

All good adult literacy work starts with the needs of the individuals. Literacy involves the integration of listening, speaking, reading, writing and numeracy. It also encompasses aspects of personal development - social, economic, emotional - and is concerned with improving self-esteem and building confidence. It goes far beyond mere technical skills of communication.

Students make contact with the Literacy Office and a meeting is arranged. From that meeting both the student and the organiser discuss what type of tuition will best suit the student. Tuition is provided by trained Adult Literacy Tutors.

Literacy work demands a specific approach in which tutors and students work together on an adult and equal basis in an informal setting.

Initial and in-service training for tutors is organised by the Adult Literacy Organiser.


Adult Literacy Schemes provide:

  • Choice of individual and small group tuition.
  • Curriculum based on the adult learner's needs and goals.
  • Option of accreditation.
  • Ongoing tuition, dependent on student's needs and goals.
  • Free and confidential service
  • Advice and assistance on progression routes
  • Free Guidance & Counselling Service



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